And didn't they do well!

Thank you so much to all the people who attended and to all the teachers who lead the e-Learning conversations.

This will have to become a yearly event as it was so successful, so spread the word and we will do this again early Term 3 next year.

Special thanks to my 'sidekick' Linda Lehrke, Robyn Hibberd 'Hostess Extraordinaire' and e-Learning Conversations leaders Steph, Linda, Dave, Lynne, Ksenia, Jan, Kimberley, Steve, Shaun, Rachel, Jane and Hayley...and did I mention Linda?

Where: Point View School Hall (Howick) When: 24 September Time: 10.00 - 3.00

Bring: laptop (dongle), shared lunch and drinks eg. juice, fizzy. Gold coin donation

Setup: projectors around the room for Volunteers to share their stories

This is an informal day where we will all decide on the content. It is a day to share at all levels of expertise, if you are happy to just listen, then that is fine as well.
Please feel free to add to this doc, ‘volunteer’ or list what you would like to see or hear and some of us might know somebody that could do that.
There will be several projectors for anybody who gets the ‘inclination’ to share.

Please fill in the questionnaire if you were there on Saturday. I would love some feedback to help with planning the next event!


What would you share with others about the day?
"Great day, relaxed. Not strict. Teachers talking to teachers. No stress. Every level. Social."
"The great list of websites I have created from the day to use with the children.
Have already shared QR code info with someone and have talked them into using them!"
That it was fab and you could learn at your own speed. Not too scary.
I have shared Evernote and Pearltrees with others. I am also having a close look at Diigo. How inspiring it was to hear new things and reaffirm familiar/usual practices.
What great sessions were being run and how informative it was.
The importance of these weekend sessions with staff / colleagues who were not there and the value that you gain from it.
"They missed a great day!"
New websites and Apps.
Use of Survey Monkey survey for reading comprehension.
The websites I got from the smackdown, the ideas around 'The Class Without Walls' from Dave, the photography tips and guides
Fantastic day - punctual informative but informal. People who know and are in the job using and practising what they preach. Great to network and enjoy a shared lunch with others.
"That I learnt a lot."
It was well worth going.
Will investigate then share websites after I have used them well.
It was an amazing day of teaching and learning conversations with teachers who love what they do.
That it's well worth the time to go to to touch base with others and see what and how they are doing/using e-learning in their rooms, what they find works well, learn about new Apps, websites, tools.
I think the informality is a real big sell and it should be kept that way.